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Cum e sa traiesti intr-o tara exotica – How i spend MY end of the world

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Iuliana Padureanu mi-a facut seara foarte placuta cand mi-a recomandat sa citesc un articol scris de ea pe pagina ei de facebook. Acesta este in engleza si am sa-l postez mai jos. Daca nu stiti engleza tastati analfabetul.com/ro pentru traducere automata sau direct pe google. translate.google.ro unde puteti pune textul sau link-ul catre pagina. RECOMAND ca toti romanii sa citeasca acest articol. poate dupa ce-l terminati increderea in voi, in tara voastra, in natia voastra va creste putin. aici aveti articolul: —————-

How i spend MY end of the world

by Iuliana Padureanu on Thursday, June 7, 2012 at 10:22pm ·

Perhaps i shouldnt make it sound so drastic but make it sound as it is a comparative metaphor for what i am currently going through versus how things used to be. I know first hand that this note will create animosities, i am reminding people that we are indeed entitled to have our own opinions on life and it’s components. This can be seen as an insight, things seen through the filter of my own perception and my own personal frustration if that will please you to hear 🙂 I live in a country with spanish background which they take pride into, although the state is associated to the US. However they have had a certain commune historical background with the, back then, Spanish empire but all is left of that is the architectural designs of some building, the appearance of some streets / street-walks and, well the language, although barely as nice flowing as spanish sounds in Spain, nor can you feel like having a walk on Las Ramblas when in Ponce and actually see the resemblance, because there is none! I must set up a disclaimer, all these thoughts and generalizations may as well be a result of my own defense mechanisms preventing me to assimilate and appreciate the lifestyle here due to the simple fact that i have been, ‘willingly’ deprived myself of the old, well accustomed with, life-style. Change never comes easy, it has it’s price set from the beginning and one must think in terms of ‘assuming your choices in life’. I might as well be wrong, if this is the case, please dont tell my husband, and i beg of you show me the wonder by all means i want to be wrong and dig out the treasure of optimism. I am trying to blend in and detach myself from stereotypical thinking, but that comes hard when you come across some very disturbing social behaviors. I definitely see things as a tourist, i am not here long enough to pretend i know it all but i see the beauties of the places, oh yes, i see that. In Romania i see the grey building and makes me think of black and white tv’s we use to have and communism manipulation but we did come a long way, those who keep complaining about Ro should actually take pride in your country and appreciate the versatility of us, romanians and the quick ability to accommodate with changes and embrace them, each in our very own way. Bucharest is not my favorite towns in the world, but i feel safer there than in London or San Juan for example, and i never ever feared for my life in Bucharest, even if the street dogs attacked me twice, by the way in San Juan street dogs have the favorable soil to develop in a real issue, hopefully i am not right about this aspect. I know my country and i love my country despise all the social issues we face, just like any other nation, and i am surely hope for coming to love Puerto Rico just the same, but one must take time and patience it all comes down to this two characteristics. What i see around resembles a diamond mine in Africa, i see potential where people are so used with seeing

the usual dirt, i dont see the drive to change and improve in most of puertoricans for the solely reason that people are used with a ceratin style and believe this is the best way. When there is potential there is a way to make the best out of it, I for sure will try to do so, in here. My frustrations are related to the social activities, you cant possible imagine how frustrating it get to want to see a movie but fearing the cinema. Unfortunately you cant go to Fine Arts Cafe for every movie, so you must choose Caribbean Cinemas, where for reasons unknown and unexplainable you have to make the line, sometimes 30 min before the movie to be able to get a seat, seriously people there are seat numbers assignation and it is no rocket science, even romanians do it, go figure! I would like to have in mind a time frame before going to the movies, as in 15 min commercials and the i can enjoy it, but nope, it takes an average of 30 min of commercials and people try8ing to find a place and by the end off all this you feel like going home and forget about it. I cant comprehend the reasons for some people to bring their suckling beibies in the cinema, i cant respect your option of having babies but not affording a babysitter so you too, could enjoy a movie without the crying and winning and/ or silly questions when a 6 years old is watching an R rated movie…and no i dont want to see you breastfeeding, although i am totally approve it, not in the cinema tho! I dont even want to be taking on the ones who are constantly checking their phones, mostly facebook, yes, i assure you the rest of us suckers behind you CAN see that, more there we find it distracting, as well as talking being it on the phone or with the friends you came with. Up to this point i haven seen anyone being taking out for rudeness and lack of social manners. I used to believe romanians are lazy and always in search of an opportunity to catch the little irish gnome or winning the lottery but was i wrong or was i wrong? Romanians are sad and frowning most of the time due to worries, life is not easy and you have to constantly worry for a bunch of things that in PR the govern covers for, as giving you a house if you cant afford one, giving you money for food if you cant provide for yourself. Little or no pay need for water / electricity or newly Wi-fi, because people that do nothing all day long do need their distractions, i hope they find youporn and spend their time more…meaningfully in hope of preventing them perpetuating the species. Most of them are to be social delinquents and increase the country’s prison’s cells. I love puertorican cuisine and i try to find ways to cook it for my husband but mingle it with my own cooking style, i do cook since i am 12, but what i do not enjoy is going to the supermarkets and come across that sort of shopping species that bulge like crazy in the supermarkets not giving a dead rat’s bottom if there is space for someone to pass through, just like they cant perceive leaving a line for bikers in traffic could be an option..put it this way: if italians would think the same way they would too, have traffic jams, because 4 wheels occupy more space than 2 that is. Think again before complaining the traffic in Bucharest is not educated for bikers…it can always be worse! I might not be totally partial here, because i do love motorbikes, and i want to see myself driving one without my husband dying of a heart attack at the mere thought of it. I wish i will never see things happen this way in RO, people not working not because they couldnt but because if they do they loose their benefits, and what a life that is to live it with no worries. Back home you dont work you dont eat, you dont study you dont get a good job, you dont get a good job you will never have a career, unless serving at Starbucks until you’re 30 is considered a career. I do however see the exceptions and that helps me preserve my optimism, like this drop dead gorgeous little lady serving as a weatrice in her early 16’s, without thinking that she can and have the meanings to be a miss, miss whatever miss something as it seems to be fashionable in puerto rico. I cant explain the admiration i had for her! I also had a short yet intense discussion with one of my husband’s friends, Yvonne,a very intelligent, active, pro-efficient thinking sort of girl, my hopes went higher, i even says that i could do business with this sort of person that seems to have the energy to move the sun by herself. I must mention here Marily who’s a teacher and i do believe she was born for this as she enjoys it, more that that i love her wits, when she writes something is like a well written novel. Tayra is one hell of a lady, a wonder as Mike called her, i love that she is true to herself and others, balanced, intelligent, well traveled and a pleasure to spend time with her, if only she wasn’t out of PR! Glory is on eof the girls i meet over a yeasr ago, her energy is unvelievable and what she does sets her out of the conventionality, race driver! Yeahh, better than dressing up wasting time sipping cosmo’s in Condado i think. Ebed is another person of an indisputable qualities and i hope i sahll meet more and more, because there are always exceptions and it can always be better..and better and only after that they can proudly say ‘ PR lo hace mejor’ but not before that. Having fun in here, and by fun i mean lounge bars and clubs, in PR brings me to the thought i should have had my share of fun when i was younger, but back then i was busy studying, it wasnt easy to find time for foolish things as clubbing, and then i studied a little bit more while working a full time job, but this is the romanian way, time is valuable, and such a precious resource is not to be wasted, this is why 80% of romanians are holding an university degree and a master’s degree by 25 years old, talking at least 2 foreign languages while the work even

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full times jobs to pay for their studies and the books and they end up being true professionals and have a 10 years career by 30 years old, in here they do have to consider if it is worth to study…and they might start doing so at 25…may be or even later. It is all a matter of choice, hands down for my powerful girls making a living earning good money and making me proud ( all into their 25’s) : Cristina Ghimpasanu, Elisa Toma, Livia Danciu, Moon D. and i could go on like this but i’d rather stop. I want to meet this sort of persons here, not like the neighbor here, drinking and smoking her time off, getting tattooed with the money the govern pays for her 3 kids from 5 fathers ( as my husbands jokingly says). Dont get me wrong, we have our gypsies too, our manele and our pitzi ( a sort of kafre girls half naked all the time), but for every pitzi there is 5 other women dressed up to the latest fashion, for each manea song there is 10 trance / house songs going all around Europe, each time i hear a car going by with booming tra tra tra i cant help but wishing i had a torpido, or a grenade or some sort of defense mechanism in my hands. Having fun in brava made me think of my londoner friend Paula calling London’s clubs Rubbish,Oceano good looking place where people go to…get pictures and post them on FB. When it comes to that i miss home, further more when i asked a guy that is constantly dealing with San Juan’s night life, to suggest me some places i can go out i ddint even got a response, mustn’t be normal to dirrect people or to tell them the dress come or the average price in certain establishments as i always have done with tourists back home, i call it being friendly. In the top of friendly attitudes there is this lady a street away who told me ‘ vete pa’ tu casa’ when i was walking my perfectly well behaved, not peeing or pooping or attacking DOG, as if someone left her a secret will stating the street belongs to her. Old possessive mentality i presume. I am solely regreting being brought up by the well manners book, is always better not to see things and be able to compare with how they should actually be, tend to gets annoying, same problem i had back home as well, when you go to the theater, or opera you go for the experience not to chip chat with your friends! I am also aware of the fact i will be always seen as an immigrant but i can live with that without any worries, i accept that what i cant nor will ever do is settle on something less good than it should/ could be. In the meantime i enjoy what PR has best to offer, great scenery and lovely beaches to get tanned on while i look at the bright stars thinking there are the same ones like back home… This is mainly for all my friends in RO who keep on telling me how wonderful must be to live on an exotic island. It is all so great makes you feel sorry it has half of it’s population! Sometimes i sadly believe i could be a modern times Hitler, i swear :))) Tell me one thing Livia Danciu, is Dubai all that great? How do you cope with life’s changes? Cum e sa traiesti intr-o tara exotica - How i spend MY end of the world 3

Cum e sa traiesti intr-o tara exotica - How i spend MY end of the world 4
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